Developer experience as the new differentiator | Technology Radar

User experience design has been a key differentiator for technology product companies for many years. Now the rapid rise of developer-facing tools and products, combined with the scarcity of engineering talent, is driving a similar focus on developer experience.

Increasingly, organizations evaluate cloud offerings based on the amount of engineering friction they reduce, treat APIs as products, and spin up teams focused on engineering productivity. At ThoughtWorks, we have always obsessed over efficient engineering practices and promoted tools and platforms that make developers’ lives easier, so it excites us to see the industry beginning to adopt this approach.

Key techniques include: treating internal infrastructure as a product that needs to be compelling enough to compete with external offerings, focusing on self-service, understanding the developer ergonomics of the APIs you produce, containing "legacy in a box", and committing to ongoing empathetic user research of the developers using your services.

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